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Heal. Move. Push Your Limits.

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Raquel's gentle class is a wonderful treat!  She teaches a true gentle. A slower tempo, with great cues and modifications that help me to be more intentional with my movements, to strengthen, release tension areas, improve joint mobility, and focus on alignment. A restorative workout.  A perfect balance to my shorter, wind-me-down after work TDM classes.  My goal is a lifestyle for my health and wellbeing.  Mahalo nui loa Raquel!

Mar W.

Optimal alignment begins with intention. All of my classes offer full body workout based on fundamental principles designed to connect mind, body and soul through movement. 

Whether you are a beginner student, nursing an injury, pregnant or simply thirsting for a challenging workout, I will help you heal, move, tone, stretch, meditate and push your limits through a holistic and rehabilitative practice designed to keep you fully functioning and feeling good from the inside out.

Rehabilitative Movement Specialist
Certified Pilates Instructor
The Dailey M
ethod Master Teacher
Trauma Informed Pilates Instructor

Barre Fitness Alliance Founding Member

Hi, I am Raquel Lanting. I have been teaching The Dailey Method since 2012 and have logged thousands of hours teaching group barre and cycle classes. My extensive experience has enabled me to connect individually with my students to help them move through each of their wellness journey. Believing that each body is unique and a certain exercise will feel and look different from one student to the next, my method of teaching taught me to adapt to each of my student's needs individually. One will be hard-pressed to come out of my class untouched, either by hands-on adjustment or verbally as I motivate either before, during or after class. My distinctive cues make a beginner at ease and a seasoned one enjoying a worthwhile workout.

When fitness classes pivoted primarily to virtual platforms in early 2020, my classes reached far and wide. Soon, I was receiving many compliments for them, primarily the way I have been teaching The Dailey Method's Gentle class, a class designed to be nurturing and supportive. That is when I decided to further pursue training for rehab-based exercises and get certified as a Pilates Instructor thru Integrative Pilates, combining the power of Physiotherapy and Pilates. July 2021, Intention Movement + Barre + Pilates was born --- the only The Dailey Method Teacher Collective Licensee in British Columbia! I am thankful that you are here to see how the classes can make you feel and move better. I am invested in your health and wellness and I can't wait to work with you!


A low-impact exercise that aims to strengthen muscles while improving postural alignment and flexibility. Movement is slow and precise that will involve breath control. My approach to teaching Pilates is rehab-based and restorative as I integrate physiotherapy principles into my Pilates classes. 


A combination of Pilates, ballet barre, yoga and orthopedic exercises where cueing and pacing is relatively quick.  Movement is layered on after alignment is achieved. This is an ideal class to support a healthy lifestyle or as a complementary to other activities like running, walking, skiing, cycling.


Combining Pilates moves and yoga poses, this class will build strength and tone muscles while improving flexibility. 

In this barre class, alignment is the primary focus and layered movements are optional. This is ideal for those looking for a slower-paced class. It is especially designed for those recovering from surgery, illness or injury; for seniors and new practitioners; and to provide relief from disabilities and chronic conditions like arthritis or joint pain.


A fusion of Pilates and barre fitness with a focus on bringing the heart rate up. This low-impact exercise will help burn calories while strengthening muscles and improving postural alignment and flexibility. Options and variations will be given throughout the class to enable the student to move within a pace that is comfortable and supportive.


A shortened version of Dailey Barre. 45-minutes class designed to work with a busy schedule. Get into a great workout and back into your day in less than an hour.


A private one-on-one 45-minute class using Pilates Reformer machine. Each class is tailored to your fitness goals and unique only to you!

An ideal class for anyone new to barre. There are fewer variations taught and the class allows for time to assimilate the name and basic alignment principles for each exercise.


Tel: (778) 968-3559

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